What is Focus Mentoring?

Focus Mentoring brings together many outstanding school systems together in one place. It is a focussed, child centred, collaborative approach based on a dialogue about the child’s present and future learning needs.

Principles and Practice

The principles that underpin Focus Mentoring involve the assessment for learning process outlined below and also focuses on the practice of sharing these principles with pupils themselves on a regular basis.


1.) Assessment: Where are the children and where do they need to be to achieve age related expectations?

It starts with your child being set ambitious and achievable targets by the senior staff and teachers.

2.) Tracking: How are children progressing?

Teachers and other professionals who may work with your child will continuously assess progress in different ways throughout the year. Assessments and all other relevant information will be recorded in your child’s Focus Mentoring File.

3.) Target Setting:What do children need next?

From assessments carried out, teachers will set specific targets in Reading, Writing and Maths. If required, your child may also be set targets linked to attendance, personal organisation, attitude and behaviour.

4.) Support:What help is needed?

In collaboration with the child, yourself and other professionals if necessary, teachers will discuss types of support available and will confirm who is responsible for delivering such support.


  • Pupils meet with their class teacher and you at four points throughout the year.
  • Meetings last approximately 10 minutes.
  • They involve a 1:1 dialogue primarily between the teacher and child focussing on the  assessment for learning process outlined above. 

The Teachers Role: to mentor your child via a 1:1 discussion i.e. to inform, support, encourage and also to hold to account.

Your Child's Role: to engage in discussion, to understand and take responsibility for own learning. To work hard on their targets and strive to give their very best efforts.

Your Role as Parent/Carer: In addition to providing an opportunity for you to find out information about your child’s progress and ask questions, your attendance is crucial in terms showing support for your child.