Service Pupils' Champion - Nickie Young

All of us working in the fields of education, welfare and child care here in North Yorkshire understand the impact that the military life style has on you and your families and never underestimate the enormity of frequent changes in your home, families, work and your children’s schools.

North Yorkshire County Council takes a very proactive role at a strategic level in work and practice to reduce as much as possible the potential negative impact of a transient lifestyle and in closing the gap in terms of educational achievement.  Its highly regarded annual conference, the use of student questionnaires, Student Voice summits, annual working parties involving school leaders and County Council staff, preparations for the drawdown and the promotion of the HMS Heroes initiative are all evidence of the commitment to Service pupils at a corporate level which is effectively cascaded down to the schools. 

NYCC has been successful in securing funding from the £6m Education Support Fund for State Schools with Service Pupils and monies from this fund are used in a large variety of innovative and imaginative ways in schools around the county.  From this fund we employ 2 Service Pupils’ Champions, both military mums, who work within schools to support Service Children and their families. Nickie Young covers Catterick Garrison (Main) and Annabel Hall covers Claro Barracks, Ripon; AAC Dishforth; RAF Leeming; RAF Linton-On-Ouse; Alanbrooke  Barracks at Topcliffe and AFC Harrogate.

How can I help?

I have been part of an army family all my life! I have experienced the frequent moves, changes in home, school and work and long periods of separation familiar to many of you as an army child, wife and now Mummy — I have three children, in Years 7, 5 and 3 so have also experienced the impact that the Service lifestyle has on them.

I would be happy to meet with any Service Children and families who feel they need support, and offer a listening ear.  It may be that you have concerns about your child or, if you are new to the area, need advice or signposting.

I can also act as a bridge between school and the Forces and offer neutral, confidential support, outside the chain of command.

I work from bases at Hipswell CE Primary School and Richmond School & Sixth Form College where you can come and see me or if you would like to make contact with me please use the 'Contact us' link.