KS2 Second Half Spring Term Awards

Congratulations to all the children who received the following awards this half term:

Behaviour: Shuvam Gurung, Helen Oldfield, Kieron Oldham, Daniel Cunningham, Katelyn Heaford Parsons, Daniel Qaimuri, Lilly Mackenzie, Ollie Smith, Harry Oldfield and Bailey Peates.

Achievement: Ella Saul, Riley Smith, Paripsa Rai, Isabel Langford, Grace Hall-Twist, Lilly Peates, Brooke Kelly, Lola Edmundson, Milo Duxbury and Kiara Jacques.

Curriculum Excellence: Cayne Gilmore, Keeley Sohal, Kekona McConnachie, Evie Lerigo, Ryan Giles, Keagan Muirhead, Evie Ghale, Anne Kariuki, Tegan Wainwright and Jenson Pascoe.

Effort: Liam Lee, Cole McGovern, Samuel Kelso, Joshua-James Atkins, Robbie King, Calley Wood, Grace Davies, Kerr King, Ashton Cutts and Dean Giles.

A huge well done to the 72 children who received an 100% Attendance Award for the full Spring Term.


Also a big well done to class 6T who received the Class Attendance Award, Class 3HO for the Puncuality Award and Year 3 for receiving the Lunchtime Superstars Award.




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