2013 - 2014 Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium  AmountAction Outcome
Service Children          £72,750Learning Mentor post
- friendship groups
- 1:1 support within classroom
to engage pupils in learning
-weekly drop in sessions
(Monday and Friday) for parents
and pre-school children
Excellent support to children and parents
from service families
  Proportion of Deputy Head's post
to support mobility and transition
Well coordinated transfers in and out of
school by transient pupils.  Extra
co-ordination of support.
  Additional Advance Teaching Assistant support
to provide input for well being 
and academic needs.
Year 2 and Year 6 Statutory
assessments demonstrate good outcomes.  
Year 6 service pupils exceeded outcomes
compared to those found nationally.

  Admin support to deal with 
additional administration of a highly
mobile population.  Communication
with  schools to co-ordinate efficient transfer of information.
Very smooth organisation that deals
with the transfer records, assessment
data and well-being information.
  Development of HMS Heroes
initiative developing opportunities for
the "pupil voice". 
Well received initiative with children
meeting within and beyond the school
to share experiences, support each other
and lead fund raising events relevant to Armed Forces charities.
Pupil Premium  AmountAction Outcome
Disadvantaged Children            £54,321Booster classes after school for target pupilsSchool tracking system indicates
good progress made within this category
  Learning Mentor post
- 1:1 input within classroom settings engaging pupils in their learning
Increased engagement in learning 
from targeted pupils
Improved attendance through support
and challenge
  Increase in targeted intervention groups
through additional Advance Teaching Assistant post
Pupil progress and attainment
data for pupils within this category 
has increased although
further work required to improve 'value
added' by the school in the subjects of
reading, writing and maths

  Additional 1:1 tuition for Year 6 pupilsIncreased outcomes for targeted pupils attaining above expected outcomes
  Classroom cover to provide Mentor Meeting timeImpact of Mentor Meetings has been
highly successful.  Pupils within this
category have benefited from this
additional time to
have pupil/teacher/parent
meetings 3 times per school year
Pupil Premium  AmountAction Outcome
Looked After Children         £1200Additional General Teaching Assistant support for Looked
After Child
Appropriate degree of support ensured access to the school curriculum