For parents/carers

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A Huge Thank You

Mr Mottram, I'd like to a huge thank you for giving Jack a second chance and welcoming him into your school. Since he first started at Le Cateau he's grown so much physically and academically and that's all down to you, your amazing staff, hard work and determination. You have all helped to steer Jack in the right direction. Once again - Thank you!
Hayley Trott (July 2017)

Always Willing To Help

I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff. It is a big thank you as my two sons are not only happy attending the school but they are achieving so much in the short time that they have been pupils at Le Cateau. My first impressions of the school was that it is a big school, yet quiet, calm and welcoming. Every member of staff I have met have been polite and always willing to help.

Thank you.

Mrs Edwards (arrived March 2016)


Lovely Welcome

Moving your children to a new school is always difficult for any parent especially if they already suffer from anxiety.

Having only been here for two weeks, I can not thank the staff at Le Cateau enough.  Both my daughters have been welcomed with open arms and when my daughter who suffers with anxiety came home and said "I feel like I have been here forever!" I knew I had made the right choice.

The school is so open and friendly to pupils and parents.  The staff are so kind and always smiling.  It feels like we have always been here!

Thank you.

Annie Wilson (arrived April 2015)

Welcome from Mrs Alison Roberts, mother of Tommy and Lily Roberts

As a military family whose children were moving to their third school in 12 months, I loved the way they were made to feel at home straight away at Le Cateau. In fact, my eldest even played football for the school football team in his first week in school and my youngest is now a school councillor. They have both thrived at Le Cateau and have enjoyed taking part in the many extra activities that the school provides. (July 2015)

Sad to leave

Being a military family has it's ups and downs especially when changing school.

Since becoming a pupil at Le Cateau over 2 years ago, my son Joshua has grown from strength to strength in every aspect of his learning.  He has developed into a confident young boy and loves to go to school each day.  As parents this all you want for your child is to be happy, care free and to learn.

Jack started in the Foundation stage with Mrs Kirby in 2013 as a very shy little boy.  I can not begin to explain how he has grown in confidence and has become such a happy and outgoing little boy.

The boys love the 'Bike Day' each year and Josh is very proud to have represented the school in many activities, including the Year 6 Football team who have just reached the North Yorkshire Finals.  Sadly, he will miss being a member of the team as we have now left.

We would like to thank everyone at Le Cateau; teachers, teaching assistants, the office staff, everyone!  Thank you for helping contribute to our boy's education and daily happiness they have experienced since being at the school.  They will miss you all!

What a great start for their lives ahead.  You are a wonderful school and we will really miss you!

Mr and Mrs Hannaford (April 2015)