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The Service Pupil Premium - A Guide for Parents

The Service Pupil Premium has a slightly different purpose to the Disadvantaged Pupil Premium, focusing more on pastoral support than academic progress. The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is an allocation of £320 per child from Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) to Year 11, whose parents are connected to the military.  This is a grant paid directly to the school each year. The purpose of this funding is to mitigate any detrimental effects that the demands of service life may place on pupils or their families at any given time. 

The school has developed a 'Service Premium Guide' to give more information to parents and other stakeholders about our rationale and approach to spending the pupil premium as well as identifying some of the strategies that we use to help children overcome the barriers to learning they might face being part of a service context. We believe it is vital that parents feel able to discuss how the school is supporting their children, especially around service issues.

If you wish to ask any questions about the strategies we use to combat the challenges that children can face, or you have specific concerns for your child during difficult times (e.g. transition, deployment, resettlement etc.), please contact the school to discuss these. We would always rather know so that we can help, rather than waiting for worries to grow. Mrs Cafferty (Deputy Head) overseas Pupil Premium in school and can be contacted directly by email; 

At Le Cateau, we recognise the wide range of needs and the impact they have upon individuals and their families so we use the SPP to support individuals. The rationale behind our spending of the SPP is to ensure that the funding supports the wellbeing of every pupil in the school. Whilst aspects of our provision may not be directly relevant to one particular child at a specific point in time, the pupil may well come to need this in the future. For example, a child may not have any parental deployments one year (thus not needing the support of our Learning Mentor), but may experience this, and require support, the next. By using our SPP to provide such a mentor, the option is there for children whenever the need arises.

For further details of how the SPP is spent, please see our SPP detailed breakdown, or contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team or visit the MOD Website.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2022 - 2025

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020 - 2023