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For pupils

For pupils

Welcome to Le Cateau from our Head Pupils

Hello and welcome to Le Cateau Primary School. Our names are Caleb and Alice and we will be telling you how fantastic Le Cateau Primary School is, and why your child/children should come to this school.



Hello, my name is Caleb and I'm one of 2 head pupils in Le Cateau Primary. This school has really shown me how to be my best in learning, playtime ad much more.

I Wouldn't be here writing if it wasn't for my wonderful teachers I've had in the past and my family. My favorite 3 subjects in school are, Art, English and History.  

I loved the Rugby World Cup 2023 base in France because South Africa won, I am half south African and half English. We are all into rugby, me and my little brothers play for the same rugby team as my dad. I also do Judo every Thursday at 19:15pm in Catterick and with the assistance of my Judo coach i am now a British National Champion. 

My family are big animal lovers, so we have a ton of pets.



Hello my name is Alice and I am one of 2 head pupils here at Le Cateau.

If I had to choose one of my favourite subjects it would be maths because even if you have finished your work there is still more challenges, even if you are struggling with your work a teacher or a TA is always there to help you out, They help in all of the subject if you need them.

It is an incredible school for everyone, no matter what religion or country you are from and everyone is welcome with open arms when they first join and will make friends very quickly, I did. 

There is a lot of after school clubs to suit everyone Sewing Club, Football and much much more. In all, Le Cateau is an amazing school for everyone and I love going to it.

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