For pupils

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Welcome from three Year 6 children 

Hello and welcome to Le Cateau Primary School. Our names are Skye Adamson, Adam Hodgson and Lily Nicholson-Hume, and we will be telling you how fantastic Le Cateau Primary School is, and why your child/children should come to this school.

Here is Skye’s story:

When I first came to Le Cateau School in Year Five I was really worried that I wouldn’t fit in. But after a few weeks I had made loads of friends and to this day I’m so glad I moved to this school! The teachers make all of our lessons fun. We have just had a day at Catterick Races doing real life maths. I am looking forward to going Orienteering and to East Barnby Outdoor Centre in December.

Now it’s time for Adam’s:

When I moved to this school I was a bit scared but I got over it in a day or so. I was put in Mrs Whitby’s class; she was kind like all of the teachers in the school. Mrs Hardy was the Teaching Assistant and it was awesome. I loved Years 3, 4, 5 and now Year 6. I think this is the best school ever, it’s epic. It’s the little things that just make this school great! All school meals are homemade and are filled with vitamins and minerals to help your child grow big and strong. All of teachers will happily welcome your child.

I have represented the school at Ripon Cathedral where I escorted the Standard for HMS Heroes and I have been to an HMS Heroes meeting with other schools at Richmond Town Hall.

We hope you send your child or children to our school and hope to see you soon.

Now for Lily’s story:

I have been here since the Foundation Stage.The best things I have been involved in are Art and Literacy lessons. We go on trips every year. I have been to Eden Camp, Blue Reef Aquarium and Richmond Castle. I enjoy the Sports Tournaments like cricket, rugby and hockey.