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School Council

The School Council play a vital role in the life of our school.  Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 appoints a School Council Rep with elections taking place at the end of the Autumn Term each year.  Newly appointed reps take up their post in the January with the role running for an entire year.

School Council reps meet each half term and discuss a range of matters relating to the life of school and the wider community.  They are the ‘pupils voice’ and can share concerns, questions and thoughts from their class members.  They also play a key role in liaising with the Governing Body to ensure that the school is a positive place to be.  School Council Reps will engage with the wider community and understand the importance of a democratic society.  They also play a role in fund raising and supporting a range of charities.

The School Council is overseen by Mrs Lount.

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