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Description of role and staff member linked to role

Head Pupil

Head Pupils are appointed by the Headteacher and Deputy Head teachers in consultation with the Year 6 class teachers.  The appointed pupils set very high standards in their conduct.  They are highly regarded and respected by the school community.  The appointed pupils promote the school at various events and are confident to speak in front of a wide range of audiences.  They contribute to the development of the school.  Only pupils in Year 6 can be appointed to this position. 

Class Ambassador

Each class in school (FS2 to Year 6) will appoint their own Class Ambassador.  The classroom ambassador is a model pupil who sets high standards with regard to behaviour and learning.  They lead by example and can be relied upon to uphold the school values and ethos.  Class Ambassadors support the teacher in the day to day running of the class.  They ensure standards are high, that pupils demonstrate the correct learning behaviours and create a positive learning climate.  Class Ambassadors are responsible for the classroom environment, for meeting and greeting visitors to the class and for liaising with the School Council Rep.

Lunchtime Ambassador

This role is appointed to each Year 6 pupil.  Their role is to promote positive behaviours in the dining hall at lunchtime.  The pupils work in pairs and are allocated a set table for a lunch time.  The pupils lead by example, they demonstrate good behaviour and they promote conversations with the younger pupils.  They also promote good manners whilst eating and support the younger pupils to eat accordingly.  The role operates on a sitting basis and is altered every half term meaning the pupils mix across the school year and work with different people and pupils.

There is a clear responsibility with this role.  The pupils not only encourage the positive eating but ensure tables are clean, that pupils are not rushing their food and that the social element of food and eating is promoted as a positive thing.

Digital Ambassador

Pupils in Key Stage 2 are able to apply for this position which is overseen by Miss Thomas.  Digital Leaders play a key role in the promotion of a digital world.  They support in the teaching of and understanding of digital technology.  They learn new techniques and teaching methods allowing them to share with their peers and can support the teaching and learning. Digital Ambassadors also take care of the equipment in school.  They understand the need to look after the wide range of devices and can demonstrate how elements can be used correctly.  In addition to this, the appointed ambassadors will lead on the e-safety agenda.  They will promote e-safety across the school through regular activities and events.  They will also play a key role in delivering key messages to parents and family members. A completed application must be made and pupils will be selected following an interview process.  A requirement for this role is that appointed pupils attend a weekly Digital Ambassador Club.

Eco Ambassador

The school will appoint Eco Ambassadors.  This group of pupils are responsible for the promotion of looking after the school environment and our role in looking after the world.  This is a role that will be applied for and the decision to appoint is made by Mr Hollocks.  The ambassadors will oversee the need to save energy in the class, will implement (with the support of their peers) ways in which they can reuse or recycle.  They will ensure waste is kept to a minimum and that electricity/water is used wisely.

In order to support with this, the Eco Ambassadors will meet each half term and will discuss strategies that can be shared with the School Council, Governing Body and Senior Leaders.  

A completed application must be made and pupils will be selected accordingly.  This role will be overseen by Mr Hollocks (Science Leader). 

Safety Ambassador

Each class will appoint a Safety Ambassador.  This person is responsible for the promotion of safety around school and in each classroom.  This is a role that will be applied for in each class and the decision to appoint will be made by the class teacher.  The ambassador will oversee the promotion of being safe (including road safety, stranger danger and e-safety).  They will also work in consultation with the school’s Health & Safety adviser and Mr Shepherd to ensure the school is a safe place to be.  They will undertake promotional activities and workshops around these areas and can promote these to their peers, parents and family members.

In order to support with this, the Safety Ambassadors will meet each half term and will discuss strategies that can be shared with the School Council, Governing Body and Senior Leaders.  

A completed application must be made and pupils will be selected by the class teacher.  This role will be overseen by Mrs Squires Martin.

Play Ambassador

Play Ambassadors are selected from pupils in Year 5 & 6 following an application and interview process.  The role of Play Ambassador is linked to the promotion of positive play at break and lunchtimes.  Play Ambassadors are responsible for leading a range of games and activities with all age ranges and play times.  Play Ambassadors are supported by the Play Leader.  The appointed pupils attend a weekly after school club where they learn new games and activities that they can then teach to the pupils in school.  They play an important role in ensuring play times are creative, fun and safe for everyone.  Play Ambassadors must commit to this role and the need to spend some of their play time delivering games and activities.  The Play Ambassadors work on a rota basis meaning they are not always on duty and can interact with their peers however, they must commit to the role and cannot ‘pick and choose’ what they do.  We seek pupils who are creative, enjoy leading activities and enjoy promoting positive play.  Appointed pupils will be supported by the Play Leader and are expected to attend the weekly after school club.  Appointed Ambassadors work closely with the School Council Reps in ensuring play times meet the needs and requirements of all pupils.