Our School uniform

The school uniform has been adopted by the vast majority of families within school.  We aim to encourage the children to identify with the school and ensure that they wear clothes that are suitable for school.

Items marked with an asterisk can be purchased through school.  Details will be provided on admission.

FS1 & FS2 Uniform Order Form

KS1 & KS2 Uniform Order Form


 Main School

Foundation Stage

PE Kit

The uniform is as follows:-

Foundation Stage 1 and 2

*Red sweatshirt with school logo.  White polo shirt or *white polo shirt with school logo.

*Black jogger bottoms * We feel this is appropriate for the physical aspects of the Early Years Curriculum or black/grey school trouser/skirt.  

Practical shoes/trainers

Summer Wear – as above but *black jersey day shorts instead of joggers or summer pinafore dress. Hats and sun cream are required.

*Book bags for library and reading books

PE Kit for Foundation Stage 2

*PE Bag

*Red T-shirt.  *Black shorts


*Fleece jackets with school logo.  *Shower-proof jackets with school logo.

Key Stage 1 and 2 

(Years 1-6)

Boys -  Grey/black Trousers or shorts

White shirt or white polo shirt or *white polo shirt with school logo  

*Red school sweatshirt  (with or without logo)

Girls-  Grey skirt or pinafore dress or Grey/black trousers

White blouse or white polo shirt or *white polo shirt with school logo

*Red school sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without logo)

Optional Summer Wear

Boys - White short sleeved shirt or white polo shirt or *white polo shirt with school logo - Grey short trousers               

Girls - White short sleeved blouse or white polo shirt or *white polo shirt with school logo - Red gingham dresses

School shoes must be worn - these need to be practical and smart (no trainers allowed). During the winter months, girls may wish to wear 'boots'.  These must be appropriate for school and not boots of a 'fashion nature'.

PE Kit

*Plain red T-shirt, *Plain black shorts

Trainers will be required for outdoor field work2.  A tracksuit or warm sweater/fleece will be required for outdoor work during the winter months.

A hooded sports sweatshirt with Le Cateau School Sports embroidered on the back, is available for wear during outside sports sessions. (This is not part of normal daily uniform and can only be worn for PE)

All PE kit should be kept in a drawstring bag and be ready for use in school at all times.  The children are encouraged to take kit home at weekends for washing.

Please note

  • Tracksuits should only be worn for PE lessons and not for general school wear
  • Jeans are not allowed in school
  • The wearing of jewellery, including earrings, is not allowed in school.  Children with pierced ears are allowed to wear studs but these must be removed for physical activity.  If you intending to allow your child to have their ears pierced, we would advise that this is carried out at the beginning of the longer Summer holiday.

Children with long hair are asked to have it tied back during the school day.

Fashion boots and high heeled footwear are not suitable in school.  The wearing of training shoes during the normal school day is    discouraged.


ESSENTIAL - All school clothing should be marked with the child’s name.

School Uniform is available through the school office. We hold a small stock of all uniform items and order new supplies most months.  To guarantee you will have your uniform for the start of a new academic year (September), please ensure you speak to the office before mid June.  You can still order after this date but delivery will not be guaranteed.