Our calendar

World Book Day

Thursday, 3rd March

Sport Relief

Friday, 18th March

Easter Holiday

Start: Thursday, 24th March, 3:30pm

End: Monday, 11th April, 11:59am

Staff Training Day

Monday, 11th April

Parents' Meeting for Year 6 Parents re:SATS

Wednesday, 13th April

Swimming Years 1 and 6

Friday, 22nd April

Every Friday until 8th July.

Bank Holiday - School Closed

Monday, 2nd May

Year 6 SATS Week

Start: Monday, 9th May, 12:00am

End: Friday, 13th May, 12:00am


Friday, 27th May

Summer Half Term

Start: Friday, 27th May, 3:30pm

End: Sunday, 5th June, 11:59am

Phonics Screening for Year 1

Start: Monday, 13th June, 9:00am

End: Friday, 17th June, 1:00pm

Staff Training Day

Friday, 1st July

School closes for Summer Holiday

Start: Tuesday, 26th July, 3:30pm

End: Tuesday, 26th July, 11:59am

Teacher Training Day

Start: Monday, 5th September, 8:00am

End: Monday, 5th September, 5:00pm

Pupils return - Autumn Term 2016

Tuesday, 6th September

October Half term

Start: Friday, 21st October, 4:00pm

End: Friday, 21st October, 11:59am

Individual Photographs

Wednesday, 9th November

End of Autumn Term - School Closes

Friday, 16th December

Training Day

Tuesday, 3rd January

Pupils return

Wednesday, 4th January

M & M Productions - Aladdin

Start: Wednesday, 15th February, 6:00pm

End: Wednesday, 15th February, 8:00pm

Close for Half term

Friday, 17th February

Half Term

Start: Friday, 17th February, 12:00am

End: Sunday, 26th February, 12:00am

Pupils return

Monday, 27th February

Training Day

Monday, 24th April

School Closed - May Day

Monday, 1st May

Pupils return

Monday, 5th June

Gymnastics Finals - Y3/4 Team

Start: Wednesday, 29th June, 10:00am

End: Wednesday, 29th June, 3:00pm

The Year 3/4 Gymnastics Team are through to the North Yorkshire Finals. The competition is being held at Catterick Leisure Center.

Year 5/6 Sports - rearranged

Start: Wednesday, 6th July, 9:30am

End: Wednesday, 6th July, 12:00pm

FS2 Welcome Meeting

Start: Thursday, 30th June, 6:00pm

End: Thursday, 30th June, 8:00pm

A welcome meeting for the new FS2 starters (Reception age) in September. Meet the staff and visit the Unit.

FS2 Welcome Meeting

Start: Thursday, 30th June, 6:00pm

End: Thursday, 30th June, 8:00pm

Welcome meeting for the new FS2 pupils starting in September. Meet the staff, visit the unit and complete the admission documents. The meeting will be held in the hall.

School Closes for October Half Term

Start: Friday, 21st October, 12:00am

End: Monday, 31st October, 12:00am

Family & Friends Disco

Start: Thursday, 21st July, 4:30pm

End: Thursday, 21st July, 8:00pm

3 Discos 1 x FS1 & FS2 (Parents to accompany) 1 x Y1 & Y2 1 x KS2

Awards Assembly

Start: Monday, 25th July, 9:00am

End: Monday, 25th July, 10:00am

End of term awards assembly for pupils

Close for Easter

Start: Friday, 7th April, 3:20pm

End: Monday, 24th April, 11:59pm

Easter Holiday

Start: Friday, 7th April, 3:20pm

End: Monday, 24th April, 11:59pm

School Closes for May Half Term

Start: Friday, 26th May, 3:20pm

End: Sunday, 4th June, 11:59pm

Half Term

Start: Friday, 26th May, 3:20pm

End: Sunday, 4th June, 11:59pm

School Closes for Summer

Start: Friday, 21st July, 3:20pm

End: Monday, 4th September, 11:59pm

Teacher Training Day

Monday, 4th September

Pupils return - Autumn Term 2017

Tuesday, 5th September

October Half Term 2017

Start: Friday, 20th October, 3:20pm

End: Sunday, 29th October, 11:59pm

Christmas Holidays 2017

Start: Friday, 22nd December, 3:20pm

End: Monday, 8th January, 11:59pm

Teacher Training Day

Monday, 8th January

Teacher Training Day

Monday, 24th July

Teacher Training Day

Tuesday, 25th July

Pupils Return - Spring Term

Tuesday, 9th January

Spring Half Term

Start: Monday, 12th February, 12:00am

End: Sunday, 18th February, 11:59pm

Children In Need

Start: Friday, 17th November, 12:00am

End: Friday, 17th November, 3:30pm

Non uniform day to raise money for Children In Need.

E-Safety Event

Start: Wednesday, 8th November, 2:00pm

End: Wednesday, 8th November, 3:15pm

Year 6 pupils will be delivering parent workshops around e-safety. Please come along and visit the classrooms.

Remembrance Service

Start: Friday, 10th November, 9:15am

End: Friday, 10th November, 10:15am

We will be visiting the Garrison Church for the morning assembly and partaking in a Remembrance Service.

Y3/4 Football Competition

Start: Thursday, 2nd November, 1:00pm

End: Thursday, 2nd November, 3:15pm

Selected members of Y3/4 will play in the Garrison Football Competition.

Mentor Meetings

Start: Wednesday, 1st November, 3:15pm

End: Wednesday, 1st November, 6:00pm

Part 2 of Mentor Meetings - pupils do not attend this round. Book your time slot via ParentMail.

Anti-bullying week

Start: Monday, 20th November, 9:00am

End: Friday, 24th November, 3:15pm

A range of activities will be held as we join in with schools across the country for Anti-bullying week.

Year 6 Swimming

Year 6 Swimming

Start: Thursday, 2nd November, 9:00am

End: Thursday, 2nd November, 11:00am

Year 6 Swimming

Start: Thursday, 9th November, 9:00am

End: Thursday, 9th November, 11:00am

Year 6 Swimming

Start: Thursday, 16th November, 9:00am

End: Thursday, 16th November, 11:00am

Year 6 Swimming

Start: Thursday, 23rd November, 9:00am

End: Thursday, 23rd November, 11:00am

Christmas Fair

Start: Friday, 1st December, 2:00pm

End: Friday, 1st December, 5:00pm

The Christmas Fair will take place on the afternoon of the 1st December. This will be organised by the Family & Friends.

Christmas Tableau

Start: Wednesday, 13th December, 2:00pm

End: Wednesday, 13th December, 3:00pm

Organised by Year 5, we will join together to celebrate the Christmas Story. This event is scheduled to be outside.

Proposed Christmas Lunch

Start: Thursday, 21st December, 11:00am

End: Thursday, 21st December, 1:15pm

This is the proposed date for the school Christmas Lunch although this is dependent on the Hall development.

Year 6 SATs Week

Start: Monday, 14th May, 9:00am

End: Thursday, 17th May, 1:00pm

Year 6 SATS - timetable to follow.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Week

Start: Monday, 11th June, 9:00am

End: Friday, 15th June, 3:00pm

Pupils in Year 1 will undertake the National Phonics Screening check this week. (Some Year 2 pupils will also resit this test).

Class Photos

Start: Thursday, 7th June, 9:00am

End: Thursday, 7th June, 3:00pm

Individual Photos

Start: Wednesday, 28th March, 9:00am

End: Wednesday, 28th March, 3:00pm

Individual and family photos - more details to follow nearer the time.

Red Nose Day

Start: Friday, 23rd March, 9:00am

End: Friday, 23rd March, 3:00pm

Come to school in non-uniform and raise money for Red Nose!

Robin Hood Pantomime

Start: Wednesday, 7th February, 6:00pm

End: Wednesday, 7th February, 6:30pm

M&M Productions will return to school to perform Robin Hood. Tickets will go on sale nearer the time. This event will be organised by Family & Friends.


Start: Monday, 12th March, 9:00am

End: Friday, 16th March, 3:00pm

A wide range of activities will take place as we join in another STEM Week. Look out for the details and come and join us in school.


Start: Friday, 25th May, 1:00pm

End: Friday, 25th May, 3:00pm

Our annual talent competition will take place. Who will be the lucky finalists?

Easter Church Service

Start: Thursday, 29th March, 1:00pm

End: Thursday, 29th March, 3:00pm

The Year 3 children will lead the school in 2 Easter Services at the Garrison Church.

Easter Holiday

Start: Friday, 30th March, 12:00am

End: Monday, 16th April, 12:00am

INSET day is Monday 16th April - no pupils.


Monday, 16th April

INSET Training Day for staff members

May Half term

Start: Saturday, 26th May, 12:00am

End: Sunday, 3rd June, 12:00am

School Closed for Summer Holidays

Start: Friday, 20th July, 3:20pm

End: Monday, 3rd September, 11:59pm

Children return to school

Tuesday, 4th September

Staff Training Day

Monday, 3rd September

National Autism Awareness

Start: Monday, 26th March, 9:00am

End: Monday, 26th March, 10:00am