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Our Curriculum and Values


Le Cateau Community Primary School is centred on the school’s motto "Equally Important, Equally Different". The aim is to make every child matter for the length of time that they are at our school. The child focussed nature of the school ensures all children are well cared for and inspired to learn.

The school is driven by 12 core values; respect, positive attitudes, co-operation, empathy, curiosity, motivation, enjoyment, honesty, perseverance, resilience, responsibility and independence. In order to achieve this, the school has instilled an ‘outward looking’ mind-set ensuring we actively involve ourselves in collaborative work and place ourselves at the forefront of change.

We value respect

I show consideration for myself, other people and my environment.

We value positive attitudes

I have an 'I will try' attitude.

We value co-operation

I am helpful, patient and work well with others.

We value motivation

I want to do well and will keep going to achieve my goals.

We value empathy

I understand other people's feelings and situation.

We value perseverance

I keep trying when faced with challenges.

We value independence

I think for myself.  I take ownership of my own learning and behaviour.

We value honesty

I tell the truth.  I learn from my mistakes.

We value enjoyment

I get involved and have fun at school.

We value curiosity

I am interested in learning and want to find things out.

We value responsibility

I care for myself, others and the environment in which I live.

We value resilience

I cope with challenges and adapt to change.

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