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PSHE provision at Le Cateau enables pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens. Provision is tailored to meet the needs of our pupils and address local, national and global priorities. PSHE is key to the promotion of the spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC) as well as the mental, emotional and physical development of pupils at the school.

In EYFS pupils learn about:

Growth Mindset  Cultural diversity Anti-bullying
British Values Road safety NSPCC Pantosaurus


In Year 1 pupils learn about:

Democracy: voting Growth Mindset Kind and unkind
Anti-bullying Different families Individual liberty
Expect Respect:Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools (CHIPS) E-safety: managing time on devices Staying safe: where to go for help
Mutual Respect: manners E-safety: passwords People who help us
E-safety: messages Medicines RSE: Secrets and surprises
NSPCC PANTS: Pantosaurus

In Year 2 pupils learn about:

Growth Mindset E-safety: telling a trusted adult Managing emotions: happy and sad
Democracy: voting and fairness Anti-bullying Leadership skills
Resilience: being brave Rule of Law: rules Staying safe in school
Staying safe: medicines and household chemicals E-safety: passwords Tolerance: politely disagreeing
E-safety: online communication RSE: Part of the body Devices and the Internet: ‘good’ and ‘bad’
Keeping a tablet or device safe and secure

Expect Respect:

Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools (CHIPS)

NSPCC PANTS: touching

In Year 3 pupils learn about:

Growth Mindset Effective and safe research Working collaboratively
Democracy: fair decisions Increasing responsibility Anti-bullying
Staying safe near the road Tolerance and respect Information sharing/ digital footprint
Communities Stranger Danger, including online Resolving differences
Individual liberty The jobs people do NSPCC PANTS
Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools (CHIPS) Healthy habits Expect Respect

In Year 4 pupils learn about:

Democracy: representative and direct Growth Mindset E-safety: research
Managing frustration Risk management Restorative justice
The importance of sleep Anti-bullying What British Values look like in our school
Stranger Danger: managing an approach, including online Appropriate physical contact Dietary choice
Keeping secrets Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools (CHIPS) Friendliness
Boundaries Managing an online identity Rights and responsibilities
What unites communities, celebrating diversity Expect Respect

In Year 5 pupils learn about:

Democracy Growth Mindset Live streaming; management and dangers
Resilience Anti-bullying, including social media United Nations rights of the child
How laws are made in the UK Online communication Healthy relationships; positive qualities
Positive mental health: happiness and gratitude Managing aggression and anger Challenging Homophobia in Primary schools (CHIPS)
Tolerance and respect: faith and no faith e-safety: gaming Expect Respect: secrets and friendship
The world of work: qualities, employability (including online profile), stereotyping Changes during puberty

In Year 6 pupils learn about:

Considerations when making democratic choices Growth Mindset Responsible use of smartphones/mobile phones
Prevention and countering of bullying, including cyberbullying – personalised strategies Rights and responsibilities Healthy relationships
Managing online profiles Management of mental health Expect Respect
Individual liberty Rights, discrimination and the law How the media presents information
Assertiveness Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools (CHIPS) Social media
Building resilience Risk management Changes during puberty
Preparing for transition to secondary school Managing finance

For more information, please see the PSHE policy, Relationships and Sex Education policy and British Values Position Statement. A more detailed scheme of work is also available on request.